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Volunteer to Foster!

We are a small rescue and we do not have a physical shelter--we rely on the generosity of volunteers to help our animals by opening their homes to them temporarily while they await adoption. The primary goal of fostering a pet in need is not only to help them adjust to a home life, but to ideally get them used to being around other pets and people.

By becoming a foster parent to a pet in need, you are helping to socialize and acclimate them to a family setting. We provide you with their food, supplies, and veterinary care. You provide the home and the love!

Our requirements for all foster home volunteers are as follows:

-You must be 21 years of age or older.

-All adoptable cats are strictly INDOOR ONLY.

-Foster dog homes must have a fenced yard.

-If you rent, you must provide proof that your lease allows for pets, and that you will not be breaking any pet limitations by fostering.

-We welcome homes with children age ten and older; we prefer that foster homes do not have very young children that may not yet understand how to interact with acclimating cats.

-Any resident pets should get along well with cats and be current on veterinary care/vaccinations, including spay/neuter.

-Please have a flexible schedule, primarily on weekends, where you are open to meeting with potential adopters.

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